Graphic Design

The Search

We are looking for students who might be interested in designing the graphics for this event (The graphics would be used on tablecards, flyers, visual media displays, etc.).

The final list of deliverables that we’ll need for the promotional materials is below along with some rough deadlines so you’ll be aware. But to start, please send in some ideas you might have for the table card. Attach a JPEG file (or a few if you want) to an e-mail to [email protected]. If your design is selected, we’ll get in touch to discuss going forward with the other files and formats.

Your design must logo the vtONE logo, preferably with the tag line. It can be downloaded from the link below in EPS format.

The design must also contain the event date, time, and location and indicate that it is a campus-wide (multi-ministry) worship event. It may also contain references to the vtONE vision statement or references to unity, worship, and repentance. The choice of specific wording for those is left as an exercise for the designer.

The vtONE logo font is Neuropolitical which is available for free from various websites on the Internet. You are not required to use this font, however please keep in mind that it will appear in the logo on items you design.

Previous Designs

If you’d like to get an idea of how previous table cards looked and felt, please click here. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point or disregard them. It’s up to you!

The Logo

The vtONE logo with tag line can be downloaded in EPS format from this link:


If your design is selected, we’ll work with you to design all of the deliverables that we need for various promotional materials used before and during the event. Here is a list of the different things we will eventually need:


All print items should be CMYK with images being at least 300dpi. Vector files (EPS, PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) are preferred over rasterized formats. Unless otherwise noted, all files should be prepared with at least 1/8” bleed.

Items and sizes are:

  • Table cards: 4.25”x5.5”, horizontal or vertical
  • Small poster: 11x”17”, horizontal or vertical
  • A-frame: 24”x36”, horizontal
  • EP cards: 3.5”x2”, horizontal or vertical
  • Lanyards: 3.5”x2”, horizontal (with blank space for name)


All display items should be RGB, 72dpi (except as noted for Retina and other High DPI displays). No bleed is required.

Items and sizes are:

  • Website banner: 1000×425. The event information should appear in the lower half of the image as the menu appears over the banner in the first-page slideshow.
  • Facebook profile picture: at least 180×180, square (the icon will be cropped to 160×160 for the thumbnail)
  • Projection logo/still: 1024×768
  • Projection logo/still (HD): 1280×720
  • Projection watermark: 1024×768 (to be placed behind talk, prayer, and announcement notes)
  • Projection watermark (HD): 1280×720 (to be placed behind talk, prayer, and announcement notes)
  • Phone wallpapers: 480×800 (Samsung), 640×1136 (Apple iPhone 5), 720×1280 (Samsung 5th generation)
  • Tablet wallpapers: 1024×1024 (iPad, iPad 2) and 2048×2048 (iPad Retina, iPad 4)
  • iTunes album logo: 200×200