Spring 2016 Worship Event


One Campus
One Body
One Hope
02/27/2016 7:00pm

We gather again to lift up the name of Jesus in worship, to pray as one, and to hear the Word. We seek to see the Christian body at Virginia Tech unite in worship and prayer, to repent before the Lord, and to beg God to change our hearts and the hearts of students on our campus for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Join us in Commonwealth Ballroom or online


Betty Davis

Event speaker Betty Davis serves as associate pastor at Christian Life International in Salem, VA. She has been active in ministry for 31 years and is heavily involved in international missions through her organization Betty David Ministries. To learn more about Christian Life International, please visit their website. To learn more about Betty Davis and her ministry organization, visit the Betty Davis Ministries website.

vtONE Worship Teams

Leading worship for the evening will be the vtONE worship teams led by Daniel Knollenberg and Katherine Combs, and others to be announced. The Spring 2016 edition of the vtONE band features musicians and worship leaders from student ministries across campus.

Promote & Snacks

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Then, pick up some snacks to bring with you!

209 Manna Ministries is a local food pantry started by Virginia Tech students that serves our community by making food, toiletries, and school supplies available to students who might not otherwise be able to afford them. You can help by bringing a snack food item (or anything from this list) with you to the event and dropping it at the door. All items collected will be donated to 209 Manna Ministries. A food donation is encouraged but not required for admission to the event.


Prayer is an important and powerful way to connect with God. Events like vtONE wouldn't be possible without the prayers of believers around the campus and around the world. We humbly ask that as you pray for our campus and the upcoming event, that you consider lifting up the following in prayer.

The event itself

People come from all walks of life, from the campus, from the town, and from other cities to vtONE and God wants to do something in each and every person there. Pray that their hearts would be open for what he wants to do or say.

The campus

Pray that believers would continue to come together across ministry boundaries to further the causes that bring joy to God's heart. Pray that God would protect us from the enemy and from the forces that cause disunity within his body here.

The venue

We are blessed to be able to meet on campus in a publicly-owned venue to lift up our voices to God. Thank him for that privilege. Pray that he would be meet us there and that he would make that space holy and that we would invite him in.

People on campus

Our campus is a diverse one. While there are many ways to break people into various groups, at the end of the day what matters is that we all need Jesus. Pray that people on our campus would be open to hearing his truth.

People at the event who have a relationship with Jesus

Pray that they would leave the event encouraged to continue to pursue him and that they would do so in a spirit of unity. Pray that their hearts would be open for repentance. Pray that they would worship openly, honestly, and without shame. Pray that God would speak powerfully to them.

People at the event who do not

It may seem odd that people without a relationship with Jesus would wander into a vtONE event, but they do and it can be absolutely amazing. Pray that they would be open to hearing God's message of hope and redemption for their lives. Pray that God would move powerfully in their lives. Pray that he would put people in their lives to encourage them, pray for them, and to speak truthfully, powerfully, and compassionately.

Event volunteers

vtONE would not be possible without the help of the volunteers who joyfully give their time and energy the day of the event and sometimes starting months ahead of the event. Pray that they would find joy in what they're doing, that they would be well-rested and ready to serve during the event. Pray that they, too, would be open to hearing what God has to say during the event.

Event planning and operations staff

There is another small army of people at the event employed by the university or by production contractors. Pray for them; that whether or not they have a relationship with Jesus that they would leave the event encouraged. Pray that God would put people in their lives to answer questions or simply to live honestly and be an example, always pointing back to Jesus.

Event worship leaders and bands

Pray for rest and against anxiety. Leading worship at these events can very quickly become an overwhelming experience. We have been blessed to have people from the community and the campus who are able to lead us to worship God. Pray that they would be able to worship as well as leading us at the event.

Betty Davis, the event speaker

Pray that Betty would be able to come to the event relaxed and fully prepared to speak the words that God wants us to hear. Pray that God would speak through her and lead her as she leads us.

The prayer leaders

Not only do the prayer leaders guide us in corporate prayer, but they lead us by sharing their stories. Pray that they would be able to share openly and honestly and that their stories would connect with the people at the event. Pray that they would be able to connect with God as they lead us to connect with him as well.

vtONE leadership and advisory board members

We are a very small team and we are humbled to be a part of this movement on this campus. Pray that we would be able to manage the logistics, taking care of things and delegating others where needed. Pray for rest and encouragement. Pray for protection from the enemy. Pray that God would raise up new vtONE leaders so that the movement can continue.

Volunteers will be available during the event to pray with those who request it.


These events would not be possible without the efforts of the many volunteers who work before and during the event. Learn more about the teams and sign up below.


Welcoming people to the event and encouraging them on their way out. Saturday 6:00PM - event start, event end


Seting up and tearing down resource tables outside of the venue; collecting sales and donations. Saturday 5:00PM - 7:15PM, 9:45PM - 10:30PM


Setting up and tearing down audio, video, and lighting equipment in Commonwealth Ballroom before and after the event. Appropriate closed-toe shoes are required for this team. Friday 8:00PM-10:00PMSaturday 10:00PM - Midnight


Helping retrieve the things we forgot. At least one team member must have access to a car. Throughout the day Saturday


Documenting the event experience through pictures. Previous photography experience and access to professional equipment is required for this team. Saturday 6:00PM - end of event

Volunteer Form

Financial Support

If you'd like to support vtONE and this event with a monetary donation, please visit the Tilt Campaign Page or our Giving page for more information.