Sponsor and Associated Organizations

AIA/FCA (Cross Training: Athletes in Action/Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Cross Training website

BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Virginia Tech)

BCM @ VT website

CCF (Cornerstone Christian Fellowship)

CCF website

CCVT (Christ’s Church at Virginia Tech Christian Student Fellowship)

CCVT website

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ at Virginia Tech)

Cru website

IMPACT (Impact Movement)

Impact Facebook Group

IV (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

IV website

Manifest (Manifest House of Prayer)

Manifest Facebook Group

NAVS (Navigators at Virginia Tech)

Navs website

NLCF (New Life Christian Fellowship)

[nlcf] website

RUF (Reformed University Fellowship at Virginia Tech)

RUF website

WESLEY (The Wesley Foundation at Virginia Tech)

Wesley website

XA (Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship)

XA website

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